28th July 2020 captureia

My Work Experience Diary

By Hannah Liddle

I started my work experience with Capture (the director is also my Dad!) on the 16th of March, a week before lock down. I started with some admin work, which helped me learn how the company works. Later that day, we visited a site that was close to opening. I found it very interesting and started to sketch some of the features I could see. I was taught how to create perspective drawings, which is very useful in interior design. This will also help me with my GCSE art.

Beckleberry’s new cafe

Site visit to Beckleberry’s

However, on my journey home that day I felt ill and, because of the situation at the time, I decided that I needed to self isolate. Since the boss is my Dad, we were able to spend the next week continuing my work experience but from our home office. In that week, I learned perspective sun study, elevation sun study and continued to practice perspective drawing by re-drawing the sketches I made on my first day. We also spent time in our garden drawing and sketching work I could send to my art teacher. I enjoyed sitting in the sun and learning about interior design and sketching.

Sketching in the garden.

By the end of the week my school was closing down due to the virus so I continued sketching. I produced a lot of drawings during work experience that taught me a lot about perspective drawings. It has also added to my GCSE coursework, as well as allowing me to choose architecture as a topic for my coursework in art. I thoroughly enjoyed my week with Capture and learned a lot in a short space of time, and can’t wait to show off my skills in art class!

Perspective drawing

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